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Handle Lifts
The “lift” is the clearance between the base of the handle and the “holdfast” part of the trowel’s stem. Plasterers’ hands vary in size, as does the way they grip the handle of the trowel. Our market research showed that some plasterers push against the “holdfast” with the knuckle of their index finger. However, for those with smaller hands, this became uncomfortable when the handle “lift” was too high. Other plasterers tend to wrap all their fingers around the handle - leaving the thumb free to control the trowel. As a result of our research, we are launching both
“Standard” and “Hi-lift” Ragni trowels in sizes 11”, 14”, 16” & 18”. Ragni innovative plasterers’ trowels: fully fit for purpose.
Ragni two-component handles directly benefit the user:

Cushioned to allow the user’s hand to flex, reducing constraint strain on joints

The handle is resistant to both high (+80°) and low (-60°) temperatures

Integral high-impact strength ensures it will withstand many years of hard graft

Throughout its working life, a factory-fitted Ragni handle is guaranteed not to twist or detach from the stem of the trowel

Environmentally acceptable, both two-component materials are fully recyclable
Sept back handle

The aluminium mounting that joins the handle to the blade is designed to fit the hand perfectly.

This registered design is unique to Ragni. The swept back shape and positioning of the Ragni handle ensures the user’s wrist is comfortably maintained in the correct position - reducing much of the fatigue and discomfort commonly experienced by many plasterers.

By contrast, the handle produced by other well-known trowel manufacturers is more upright - closer to 90° - forcing the user to cock the wrist in order to hold the trowel and apply pressure. Over time this repetitive strain will affect the user’s well-being.

In addition, the Ragni aluminium mounting is fully heat-treated for strength. It is also polished and finished to provide a 100% sealed joint with the blade - no gaps between the blade and the mount where plaster can lodge.

Specially hardened tempered steel rivets securely attach the Ragni blade to the “holdfast” mounting.

Ragni trowels: tried, tested and selected - by thousands

Stainless Steel Blades

Japanese stainless steel is used exclusively by Ragni for the production of trowel blades - a high-grade material with global recognition for quality. The molecular structure is consistent throughout every part of this steel, from 10mm to 1000cm! This means Ragni blades wear evenly over time so that the trowel always maintains its edge - throughout its entire lifetime.

Ragni blades are totally flat. They are designed and manufactured to never curve down and “dig in” when plastering. To achieve total flatness, the blade is cross-ground, while the “feather-edge” trowels are hand-ground or honed - helping the plasterer “wear-in” a new trowel more quickly. There are three thicknesses of Ragni blade: 0.7mm for all stainless steel trowels;

the 0.8mm cement finishing trowels; inward and outward step trowels at 1.5mm.
Blade Guards
Every Ragni Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel comes complete with a Trowel Edge Protector - a unique, hinged, reusable plastic guard that provides highly effective protection from damage in store and on-site, after purchase.
Ragni Trowel Edge Protectors are also available to purchase as accessories in retail packs of six

Each trowel is displayed in-store on a strong recyclable plastic hanger with a euro hook, keeping the trowel looking good.

All Ragni trowels have a laser marking on the blade with the Ragni logo on the stem and the blade. The product code, a short description, plus the barcode is etched into the blade to prevent theft. The barcode is also clearly displayed on the back of the plastic hanger.

Plasterers actively dislike labels stuck on blades - removal takes and wastes time and they don’t want labels getting into their plaster - so Ragni has lasered the code directly onto the trowel surface. Plus it makes product identification much easier next time the plasterer plans to buy a similar trowel.

Tradesmen like the professional look and feel of Ragni trowels: designed to work
Plastering Site Trowels

With a range of tools including margin trowels, bucket trowels, corner trowels and step trowels to name a few, you’re sure to have the tools needed for the job, each having it’s own innovative features.
Plastering Site Trowels
Plasterers’ Finishing Trowels

This includes non-ground and new feather-edge ground edged finishing trowels, with sizes ranging from 11” - 18” and with choices too for standard and hi-lift handles, you can select which one best fits your needs.
Plasterers’ Finishing Trowels
Cement Finishing Trowels

There are few stainless steel cement finishing trowels on the market, fortunately, Ragni have spotted this gap and have launched three different sizes 12”, 14” and 16”. All stainless steel cement finishing trowels come with the hi-lift handle, allowing easy control over the trowel.
Cement Finishing Trowels
Hand-Forged Specialist Tools

Ragni have extended their range of specialist tools to include more sizes of the trowel and square tool as well as introducing the serrated tool which is double ended for use on intricate work.
Hand-Forged Specialist Tools
Protective Trowel Wallet

A first from Ragni, a wallet whereby you can protect your trowel when not in use, simply slide your trowel in and secure the wallet with the poppers. The interior is strong, smooth and snag-proof.
Protective Trowel Wallet