Trap Your Tool By The Tail

Tool Lanyards

Without a doubt, a tethered tool is essential when working from height. Falling objects caused over 8,600 injuries to workers in 2013, and 23 of these were fatal. Serious damage could also be caused if tools drop into machinery, stopping production. As a result from these fatalities, it has now become a requirement to have tools attached to the user according to the latest HSE regulations & legislation. The lanyard is therefore the piece of equipment you need to prevent accidents.
Some of the lanyards in the trade market can be restrictive, causing frustration to workers while working at a height. These are because of:

-    Size – Some lanyards come in one size, if too short, can be restrictive when doing a job, this often leads to the worker wanting to take the lanyard off. This not only goes against the HSE regulations & legislation, but puts colleagues at risk for what may only be a 30 second job but could lead to a long-term injury.

-    Style – Often dark coloured lanyards can be hard to find and can get lost in the bottom of the workers tool bag amongst other dark coloured equipment.

-    Performance – Some lanyards have no stretch, causing the worker to over reach to get the job done. This essentially is breaking the HSE regulations & legislation.

Ergodyne specialises in innovative, crafted safety gear and training solutions, driving toward a goal of zero injuries. ‘Squids’ is a sub-brand, representing their lanyard range.

-    Size - Tools of the Trade stock four different styles of lanyards, all come in two different sizes; standard or extended. Or if a wrist carabiner; S/M or L/XL. The option of these sizes allows you to make the correct decision regarding the type of tool you need to tether.

-    Style – With the option of colours in either black or hi-vis lime, with silver mylar reflective thread, to keep you safe. The hi-vis lime colour can be especially useful from a safety perspective and is noticeable in your Tool bag, not to mention on site.

-    Performance – With a stretch cord, the user is no longer restricted when using their tool for the job. The standard ranges from 35” – 42” (0.89m – 1.1m) and the extended ranges from 42” to 54” (1.1m to 1.4m). With lock stitching at both ends, this secures the lanyard even more to prevent tools falling. The adjustable barrel lock attaches and secures the tool at use.
With safety in mind, working at height, is not the place to cut corners. More importantly, you cannot put a cost on someone’s safety or the safety of others working around them. It is clear that the investment in these cleverly crafted, safety tool lanyards is worth the safety of your employees.

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